At Epic Cellars / Pinnacle Wine, we want to make the process of selling your wine or collectible bourbon as simple as possible – whether it is a single bottle, or a large collection – we offer fair prices and take care of all of the details. We are interested in perfect and  bottles with cosmetic issues. We offer immediate payment and are a great alternative to auctions.  We also offer wine appraisal services for insurance and other purposes.  We pride ourselves on having the highest level of customer service – just give us a try, we are certain you will agree!

Working with Us

  • Quick turnaround
  • No collection too large or too small – we even buy single bottles
  • No fees
  • We take care of all packing and shipping logistics and expenses
  • Immediate cash payment
  • Appraisal services for insurance, moving and donation purposes

Looking For

  • Collectible wines & champagnes, such as Lafite Rothschild, Latour, Romanee Conti, Screaming Eagle, Harlan, Petrus, Mouton, Dom Perignon, Cristal etc.
  • Collectible bourbons & whiskies such as Van Winkle, Black Maple Hill, A H Hirsch, George T Stagg, Macallan, etc.
  • Wines that have been properly stored
  • Wines in great condition and wines with cosmetic damage
  • “Less than perfect” bottles – wines that have label issues, though we are not interested in wines with lower than expected fills or that have not been properly stored.

Inspection Guidelines

Next Steps

  • For larger collections, simply email us a spreadsheet with details about your collection.  Download our template if you need a place to start
  • If you have just a few bottles, email us vintage, vineyard, and quantity you have available
  • Give us a call at 650.394.5776
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The Process

At Epic Cellars, we strive to make the process as simple as possible for the seller.  All you have to do is let us know what you have and we’ll tell you what we will offer.  Once you accept our offer, we will take care of sending you shipping supplies and scheduling shipping.  We pay within 24 hours of receipt.  We work with each client’s individual needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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General Terms

  • Purchase transaction is with Pinnacle Wine, dba Epic Cellars
  • Any less than perfect bottle conditions / fill levels must be disclosed prior to purchase, and/or photos sent
  • Once offer is accepted, we will send a line-item purchase order outlining the price for each bottle.  After checking in, any returns or discounts for undisclosed condition issues will be based on these prices
  • We pay within 24 hours of receiving and checking in the wine
  • We offer several payment options including PayPal, Zelle,, and bank wire transfer. Please let us know if these payment options do not work for you.
  • If the total purchase is greater than $500, and the seller prefers for funds to be sent prior to shipping, we utilize  The funds will be released once the bottles have been received and checked in.  If the seller opts to utilize, they will be responsible for the transaction fees, which are generally 3.25%, minimum fee of $27
  • We will provide all shipping supplies if needed
  • We will provide shipping labels and cover all shipping expenses and insurance
  • References available here


Inspection Guidelines

We buy bottles in various conditions, the prices we offer reflect the bottle condition.  We are only interested in properly cellared wines, however we will accept wines or bourbons/whiskies with label issues, but we will not accept wines with fill levels lower than base neck or signs of leakage.



What to tell us

  • Any bottles that are “less than perfect”
  • Labels that are not pristine / have tears, stains, scuffs, fading, writing
  • Corks that are protruding, sunken or show signs of seepage
  • Capsules that show signs of corrosion, are missing, cut, torn, ripped
  • Expected fill levels are outlined outlined below, however we cannot accept anything lower than base of neck:

Bordeaux Less than 15 yrs old Fill level is base neck or better
Bordeaux Greater than 15 yrs old Fill level is top shoulder or better
Burgundy Less than 15 yrs old Fill level is 1″ (see 3cm on diagram) from bottom of cork or capsule- whatever is the lowest point
Burgundy Greater than 15 yrs old Fill level is 2″ (see 5cm on diagram) from bottom of cork or less



Wine Appraisals

Knowing the value of your collection is incredibly important, whether it be for insurance, moving, or donation. Our experts can take your list, in any format, and quickly turn around an appraisal that reflects current market value. We look at tens of thousands retailers across the country to obtain true value as of today.

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 Appraisal Process

  • Quick turnaround and reasonable appraisal fees!
  • Just email  us your list in any format and we will provide a quote for the appraisal fee
  • Download our template if you need a place to start
  • We will provide an Excel or Numbers file for your collection and its true market value as of today


Who We Are

We have been in the business for over 20 years as wine brokers who specialize in business-to-business sales as well as wine collection appraisals.  Unlike many companies, we are set up to handle purchases of any size – from a single bottle to very large collections.  Cellar disaster?  Contact us!  We buy bottles with cosmetic damage.  There are no hidden fees, in fact, no fees at all!  We are always here to answer your questions, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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close up man hands pouring red wine in a glass

What we buy

  • Any size collection, from single bottles to extensive cellars
  • Pristine bottles
  • “Less than perfect” bottles
  • Properly cellared wines
  • Collectible bourbons & whiskies

Our Clients

  • Individual consumers
  • Collectors
  • Brokers
  • Exporters
  • Retailers

What They Said

We pride ourselves on having only happy customers!  Don’t take our word for it, read our reviews here!

Clearly Epic Cellars understands the customer perspective and incorporates that perspective in all of their touch points

Epic Cellars is the first place I go when I am brokering a collection for sale, the prices are always competitive and they make the process so simple.

Get in Touch With Us

Don’t hesitate to contact us – we would love to hear from you!  Email is the quickest way to get a response from us.  Please note that we respond to EVERY email, even if it is not something we are interested in purchasing.  If you haven’t heard back from us within 1 business day, try emailing us again at, or give us a call at 650.394.5776

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